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home made fishing  :MY OWN  LURE  from Bricoleurre , Creator of home made in Europe
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Make your own lures yourself
Products and accessories for the manufacture of fishing lures


Bricoleurre is the European reference for products, equipment, materials and accessories for making all types of lures yourself, or repairing them.
Created by two great fishing enthusiasts, our site accompanies you in the homemade manufacture of your soft, rigid and jig head lures. All available items have been tested beforehand, in real fishing conditions, by our team.
Thus, you are guaranteed to buy quality equipment at the best price, which allows you to indulge in your favorite activity.
Similarly, creation and innovation being at the heart of our concept (and our passion), we regularly develop new products that you will find on our website. You can therefore vary the pleasures by making different soft lures, hard lures and jig heads, and let your creativity express itself!

Everything you need to perfect your fishing technique


Our site is aimed at all fans of sport fishing, sea and fresh water. Whatever your level, you can get started in homemade crafting.
To help you, we provide you with technical guides (tutorials on youtube ) and sheets. You therefore benefit from expert advice to make your equipment and be able to progress.
If you like tinkering, this is also an opportunity to combine your two passions: fishing and DIY! And you save money since it costs you less than a purchase in a store, (about 10 times cheaper!!).
In addition, you are sure that they are adapted to your needs, your technique and you can make different versions, which really adapt to the fish and fishing conditions that you will encounter.

Quality items to make your lures and jig heads


On our site, we offer products that have been carefully selected by our team. From casts to dyes to decorations for hard and soft lures, the choice is wide. Without forgetting the articles for the homemade production of jig heads, such as molds and paint, and all the essential fishing accessories (hooks, staples, glues, swivels, sleeves, etc.). We also have in stock references for exotic fishing and kits to make lures even more easily.

Home made  manufacturing, an economical concept accessible to all


The manufacture of soft lures is done using a soft lure mold (which you can buy ready-made, or do it yourself with white rtv silicone), liquid plastic (Plastileurre), dyes, glitter and other decorative accessories for lures.


The manufacture of jig heads is done from molds with jig heads (ready-made, or to do it yourself with red rtv silicone or bricopate), hooks, and is decorated with lead paints or eyes.


The manufacture of hard lures is done either from wooden lures, plastic lures (to decorate) or with hard lure molds to pour resin.

Bricoleurre also offers all the accessories to make your spinners, buzzers and other chatterbaits!

Decorative accessories are used to repair, finish, or personalize soft lures and hard lures: special soft lure markers, bricologram, airbrush, eyes, varnish, etc.




Selected products

Plastic to be poured into the moulds. Flexible version for worms and slugs....
Starting at 13.00 €

Bricoresin is a two-component resin for the manufacture of hard lures. It is an opaque resin that sets in a few minutes. To reinforce the structure of the resin, and to avoid any shrinkage during...

03. Crazy shad 10 cm
03. Crazy shad 10 cm
The Crazy Shad 10 cm was created with Bricoleurre products by Max, it is intended for all types of fishing for freshwater and marine predators, it is currently available in three sizes and 6 colors....

Kit including: - 1 jar of special glue for Bricologram - 1 silver fibre ribbon - 1 silver ribbon small scale - 1 large scale silver ribbon - 1 gold ribbon - 1 star rain ribbon and 1 tricolour ribbon...
19.50 €

Manushad 12cm kit
Manushad 12cm kit
complete set for the casting of the Manushad, a lure that was developed by Bricoleurre, and successfully tested for 2 years on the bar, place, st stone, lean,..., and even on a tarpon of 50 kg + !!!...
59.00 €

RADESHAD 13 cm kit
RADESHAD 13 cm kit
A complete set for casting the RadeShad, a 12 and 13 cm lure that was developed by Bricoleurre, and successfully tested for 2 years on pike-perch and pike the set includes: 1 RadeShad mould 12 and 13...
110.00 €

assist hooks double mounted
assist hooks double mounted
top quality assists hooks, cut for exotic fishing, manufactured exclusively for Bricoleurre on our own specifications. We successfully tested these hooks (before marketing them) on jacks and yellowfin...
Starting at 6.90 €