This device is intended to paint lead, it was made by Alain BRIMONT.


1 - mounting the device

Follow the instructions in the operating manual.


2 - preparation of powder coating

Pour at least 60g of powder into the tank. Place the tank on the base.


3 - suspension

Slowly open the air valve until a height of suspended powder of half to 2/3 of the tank is obtained.


4 - painting

After preheating the lead to 150°/160°C, grasp it with pliers or a hook, immerse it in the tank for 1 to 2 seconds depending on the desired paint thickness and remove it. Immerse it in water for instant cooling.


5 - colour change

To avoid powder loss when cleaning a tank, one tank per color can be used.


6 - results

For maximum resistance, the painted seals will be baked in the oven for 20 minutes at 160/170°C.