1 - construction of a template

Using planks or cleats, build a box with 4 removable sides and bottom. Adapt the size of the box to the size of the leaded head to be manufactured.


2 - master positioning 

Build a stem on which the rear triple of a hard lure will be pierced. The head of the latter will serve as a master. Place the stem near the template so that the master is positioned in the empty template.


3 - preparation of the red RTV silicone

Pour the necessary amount of Bricoleurre silicone into a container to mix with the catalyst.
Add the catalyst: from 2% for a slow setting (12h) to 5% for a fast setting.
Shake well for 2 minutes.


4 - RTV silicone casting

Brush the master with Vaseline.
Pour the RTV silicone into the template all around the master, gradually to let the air bubbles escape.
The silicone is liquid enough to match all the details of the master. Tap the template to ensure that all air bubbles rise. Allow to take a few hours (depending on the % of catalyst used).


5 - lead casting

Remove the master. Add the hook.


Pour the lead.


6 - demolding

Remove the lead (be careful, it's hot!) by grabbing the hook with a potholder.


Glue the Bricoleurre eyes...and that's the result!


An example of assembly...