GLS France is our new partner in express transport. GLS France is a subsidiary of General Logistics Systems B.V., Amsterdam, a pan-European company specialising in transport and logistics. With a presence in 36 European countries, the GLS Group has an integrated network with an extensive network (36 hubs, 678 branches).

GLS France organises the express distribution of envelopes and parcels on behalf of its 5900 customers by offering a range of services including several levels of delivery times, depending on the urgency required.

Driven by the desire to be the leader in service quality, the company's employees are committed to fulfilling their mission daily with speed and reliability; a policy of constant investment in IT tools and production supports its ambitions.


1 - GLS France

- Click on this link Track a package
- Enter your parcel number and click on the OK button.

2 - Coliposte

- Click on this link Track a package
- In Track a package, enter your package number (13 characters) and click OK.




Bricoleurre is no longer responsible once the articles ordered on the site have been handed over to the service provider. Bricoleurre's service stops at the sale of the said articles and can in no case cover transport. Nevertheless, shipments are insured.

Are considered as force majeure relieving the seller of his obligation to deliver, war, riot, fire, strikes, accidents and the impossibility of being supplied. The goods always travel at the risk and peril of the recipient. Always check your package on arrival. You have 48 hours to make any reservations with the delivery person in case of missing or damaged goods. For reasons of availability, an order can be delivered to the customer in several instalments. The customer then only pays for one delivery. If the customer wants 2 places of delivery, he places 2 orders, with the related delivery costs.



After confirmation of the order, Bricoleurre undertakes to deliver to its service providers all the references ordered by the buyer within 30 working days.
Delivery times are given as an indication. They cannot give rise to a cancellation of the order and/or the claim for damages in case of a delay.



1 - In metropolitan France, delivery will now be handled by GLS France.
In the French overseas departments and local authorities as well as in the overseas territories: delivery will be made by La Poste.

2 - For other countries: shipments are made by La Poste in International Shipping Cost Priority.

Any delays in delivery do not entitle the buyer to claim damages or cancel his order.
Advice: As far as possible, it is recommended to be delivered to your workplace as a receipt must be signed.



They are calculated on a flat-rate basis according to the total weight of the items delivered according to the following scales. The rates below are inclusive of VAT.

Shipments to metropolitan France, Corsica and Monaco
Weight Euros VAT
Up to 100 grs 1,45
From 101 grs to 500 grs 3,25
From 501 grs to 1500 grs 5
From 1501 grs to 3000 grs 10
From 3001 grs to 5000 grs 12
From 5001 grs to 10000 grs 15
From 10001 grs to 15000 grs 18
From 15001 grs to 30000 grs 25


Shipments to the French Overseas Departments and Territorial Communities
Weight Euros VAT
Up to 500 grs 10.95
Up to 1000 grs 15.20
Up to 2000 grs 19.85
Up to 3000 grs 24.50
Up to 4000 grs 29.15
Up to 5000 grs 33.80
Up to 6000 grs 38.45
Up to 7000 grs 43.10
Up to 8000 grs 47.75
Up to 9000 grs 52.40
Up to 10000 grs 57.05
Up to 15000 grs 80.25
Up to 20000 grs 103.45
Up to 25000 grs 126.65
Up to 30000 grs 149.85


Shipments to the French overseas territories
Weight Euros VAT
Up to 500 grs 12.60
Up to 1000 grs 17.70
Up to 2000 grs 29.30
Up to 3000 grs 40.90
Up to 4000 grs 52.50
Up to 5000 grs 64.10
Up to 6000 grs 75.70
Up to 7000 grs 87.30
Up to 8000 grs 98.90
Up to 9000 grs 110.50
Up to 10000 grs 122.10
Up to 15000 grs 180.10
Up to 20000 grs 238.10
Up to 25000 grs 296.10
Up to 30000 grs 354.10


International shipments
Weight Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D

Up to 1 kg

16.15 19.80 23.20 26.40
Up to 2 kg 17.85 21.70 31.10 39.70
Up to 3 kg 21.55 26.25 40.90 52.90
Up to 4 kg 25.25 30.80 50.70 66.10
Up to 5 kg 28.95 35.35 60.50 79.30
Up to 6 kg 32.65 39.90 70.30 92.50
Up to 7 kg 36.35 44.45 80.10 105.70
Up to 8 kg 40.05 49.00 89.90 118.90
Up to 9 kg 43.75 55.40 99.70 132.10
Up to 10 kg 47.45 58.10 109.50 145.30
Up to 15 kg 54.65 68.50 133.60 171.30
Up to 20 kg 61.85 78.90 157.70 197.30
Tariff zones     Countries
Zone A European Union, Switzerland and Norway
Zone B Eastern European countries (excluding the EU) and Maghreb
Zone C African countries (excluding Maghreb), Canada, USA, Near & Middle East
Zone D Other destinations (Asia, Australia...)