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Leaded heads

Bricoleurre offers you several ways to save money by making your jig heads: use our exclusive molds in RTV, aluminum, or make them yourself in RTV or Bricopâte.

1/ RTV or aluminum molds

Bricoleurre offers you a large number of ready-to-use molds. In order to facilitate your search, we have classified them into 2 categories, lead mussels with hook (lead heads) and mussels without hooks (buckshot, olives, paddle sinkers, etc.)

There are 2 types of materials: RTV and cast aluminum

The Rtv gives a result of exceptional precision, but can wear out over time, after several hundred castings

Cast aluminum is more resistant, but less precise, more expensive, and today very difficult to find because the founders have disappeared...

Bricoleure offers you a whole range of shapes and weights, from classic round heads, to exclusives like the famous sahd V2!

2/ Make your own molds

As we refrain from copying existing shapes, if you are looking for a particular shape, you can make your own mold. You will find the tutorials on our youtube channel.

the red RTV molds are very precise, but take a little longer to make (each half-shell hardens in 24 hours)

the bricopâte molds are made in 15 minutes, usable immediately, but a little less precise in the details... They are more resistant over time than the RTV.
all the complementary products to make your jig heads (piano wire, hooks, rings for articulated hooks, swivels, etc. are available in the accessories category

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The glue of the competitors, technically one of the best on the market, and certainly the best quality/price ratio! A 20g bottle equipped with an anti-clogging needle. The advantages: - Sticks in...

Grey RTV silicone
Grey RTV silicone
1 kg jar with catalyst (950g silicone + 50g catalyst). Disposable silicone (cannot be recycled) to make your own lure molds. The drying time depends on the amount of catalyst. High quality silicone...
29.00 €

Red RTV silicone
Red RTV silicone
Silicone to make your own plumbing moulds. The drying time depends on the amount of catalyst. High quality silicone with micron molding accuracy. Resists over 320 degrees C. Bricoleurre lead silicone...
Starting at 39.00 €