Bricoleurre is a French company, created in 2007 by 2 fishing enthusiasts, which was at the origin of the concept of "homemade" lures in France.

This concept allows the creation and reproduction of flexible lures and leaded heads.

In addition to the pleasure of creating its shapes, colours, textures, densities, to adapt to all types of fishing, you can save a lot of money (a soft lure cast yourself costs between 5 and 20 times less than in a shop!)

Like any successful innovator, Bricoleurre has often been copied, but never equalled! (The best products on the market have been selected after many tests and continue to be improved continuously (already the 4th version of the plastileurre)!

Then Bricoleurre innovated again by duplicating the concept on hard lures, with bricorésine or bricomousse.....

then on the decorative elements, with fluidized baths for lead paints, bricolograms, felt-tips, etc.

then on the accessories ( Twistech), buckle turn, and the Mikashad concept ( first flexible lure with variable weight head!)

Then on the exotic lures, to decorate yourself according to your destination.....

To support all enthusiasts, we are the only ones to maintain a specialized forum on "crafting", allowing them to exchange with the many creators.


Bricoleurre: our slogan "creation, innovation, economies" is more relevant than ever!